Sahin Refrigeration Systems and Machine Industries, has adopted the principles of high quality product manufacture and customer satisfaction and has accomplished successful projects since it was founded, with its dynamic and expert staff.
Our firms is moving ahead in the sector with firm and rapid steps and is manufacturing highly efficient, reliable, high quality and strong ice machines, in order to lead the technological developments. Flake ice machines, which we manufacture and provide service for, have been designed and developed in our firm and manufactured as a result of long and very delicate work.

During manufacture, they have been tested under conditions much more severe that normal usage conditions, in order to prevent any possible problems after sale.


Our engineering experience of 20 years and the fact that we have traveled to many countries around the world during these 20 years to monitor technologic developments, have enabled us to achieve our objectives and provide better products and higher quality services for our customers.
Our firm has adopted the principle of unlimited customer satisfaction and is pleased to have achieved its objectives, with the positive responses for the projects it accomplished.

The become the most important partner of our customers, with our highly efficient, reliable, high quality and strong machines and high quality and experienced post-sale service.
Provide highly efficient and high quality products and technical service to the Turkish and world market, in line with developing technologies and by working in a team spirit with our partners, employees and customers.
Our Firm has adopted the principles of Integrity, Devotion to Business Ethics, Maximum Customer Satisfaction and Innovate Thought.
*Ensure customer satisfaction by continuously improving our product and service quality
*Generate a stable and dynamic firm structure that adopts the understanding of quality in management and increase employee satisfaction and efficiency
*Advance with our expertise and experience and at the same time, spread our exports to other countries throughout the world and achieve growth.


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